Sweet the feast

Philocrites : Liberal Religion : Hymns 1.20.03

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Worship leaders are welcome to use this hymn in services, but please flatter me by letting me know that you are using it. Email me! I wrote the tune Perkins for this hymn.

Alleluia! All-surpassing
    Is the love transfigured me:
Sweet the chalice overflowing,
    Sweet the feast out-spread for me.

Tears have fed me, over-welling
    Day and night, a bitter stream —
Deep to deep my soul was calling:
    Deep my need, my hope, my dream.

How then steals this joy upon me,
    Unfamiliar but most real?
O, this cross, a living fruit-tree,
    Blooms triumphant! Perfect meal!

Alleluia! All-surpassing
    Is the love of God, my soul.
Sweet, God's chalice overflowing;
    Sweet, the feast that makes me whole.

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