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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UUA Board meets in Boston, April 17-18.

Observers are welcome to attend the meetings of the UUA Board of Trustees and its working groups and committees, April 17-18 in Boston. Among the agendas and reports now available on are a few related to the UUA's financial condition (previously reported by UU World), including a four-page memo from Treasurer Tim Brennan detailing the cuts in the FY2010 budget (pdf) and a table showing individual budget lines (pdf).

Also noteworthy in the April board packet is the document offering final recommendations for the UUA's new approach to youth ministry (pdf), which was been in development for several years. (Here's UU World's coverage of the Youth Ministry Working Group, which produced the recommendations.)

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Keeping comments open, if only briefly.

On second thought, I'm going to try keeping comments open for one week after I publish a post.

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Spam, alas, brings comments to a halt.

I'm sorry to announce that I am closing comments here at Philocrites for the simple reason that I can no longer stay on top of the flood of spam comments. In one 24-hour period last week, my blacklist caught more than 5,000 attempts to post spam comments — but several dozen made it through. With the very limited time I have to dedicate to maintaining the blog, spending 30 minutes or more twice a day clearing spam off the site is not sustainable. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to upgrade my customized installation of Movable Type to take advantage of the comment moderation features in newer versions, and so we're just stuck in this situation.

If you would like to comment on one of my posts, please send me email and I may post your comment manually. I've always been grateful for the insight and good will that characterized comments here. To each of you who has shared your good sense with me and my readers, my deep thanks. I'm sorry the conversation has trickled off, and I'm very sorry to have to close comments down.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Economic recession brings downsized UUA.

In case you're not keeping up with UU World's weekly coverage of Unitarian Universalist news (RSS; email newsletter), I wanted you to be aware of the magazine's story about the UUA's budget cuts for the fiscal year beginning in July. Where the denomination had a total budget of $26.7 million in 2009, the UUA has cut its 2010 budget to $22.7 million through the elimination of the equivalent of 13 full-time staff positions, the reorganization of the Congregational Services department, cuts in travel and events, curtailing the printing and mailing of several periodicals (InterConnections, The Religious Leader, the monthly Congregational Bulletin, and the annual Directory), and reduced staffing at the General Assembly, among many other cuts.

Here is the article in the final printed edition of InterConnections that describes the newsletter's transition to an entirely digital publication.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Audio of Spring UU World now available.

Audiorecordings of the articles in the Spring issue of UU World are now available at Recorded by audiobook actor Dick Hill and produced by Peter Bowden, the .mp3 files can be played in a web browser or downloaded for playback in your iPod or other .mp3 player. (If you missed them, recordings are also available for the Winter 2008 issue.)

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Officers' endorsements in the UUA presidential race.

On the UUA's Election-L email list, dedicated to discussing the 2009 denominational elections, a number of people have expressed concerns about Moderator Gini Courter's endorsement of Laurel Hallman as president. Unnoted, however, is Financial Advisor Dan Brody's endorsement of her opponent, Peter Morales. Courter and Brody are running unopposed for second terms.

Meanwhile, Hallman counts four current UUA trustees among her supporters — Charlie Burke (youth trustee-at-large); Burton Carley (Southwestern Conference); Roger Comstock (Northern New England); and David Friedman (St Lawrence) — along with youth observer Nick Allen, who is running unopposed for the youth trustee-at-large position.

Three current trustees have endorsed Morales: Lyda Adair (Mountain Desert); Jose Ballester (trustee-at-large); and Anna Olsen (Thomas Jefferson).

Disclosure: As a UUA employee, I will not be expressing any personal opinions about the race or about individual candidates on this site or elsewhere, nor will this site accept paid advertisements related to the elections. You, however, are very welcome to discuss the race.

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