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Saturday, November 15, 2008

New 'UU World': Hallelujah, endurance, dinner, Adlai.

UU World, Winter 2008The Winter 2008 issue of UU World is in the mail. William F. Schulz writes about the wisdom of endurance; Barbara Merritt muses on Leonard Cohen's "broken hallelujah"; John Gibb Millspaugh sees ethical dilemmas on the Thanksgiving dinner table; Christine Nielsen says social entrepreneurship is transforming women's lives worldwide; and Ted Sorensen talks about his experiences as JFK's Unitarian speechwriter.

Plus: Adlai Stevenson, the last Unitarian nominated for president; the Knoxville church shooting; and "dignitarianism."

You don't need to wait for your copy to arrive to start browsing the magazine online.

Members of congregations affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association in the United Stated receive a subscription to UU World as a benefit of membership, but others can subscribe for only $14 a year.

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John Gibb Millspaugh:

November 17, 2008 08:19 AM | Permalink for this comment

As author of "Dinner Dilemmas," I'm impressed by the excellent company that article keeps in this magazine. A great issue of the UU World, indeed!

Folks interested in the topic of ethical eating will want to know that the UUA just released beautiful new Resource Guide. Produced by a nationwide team of UUs representing different perspectives (which I chaired), the Guide explores how personal food choices impact climate change, trade, hunger, animal welfare, labor, ecological destruction, neocolonialism, environmental justice, and more!

If you take two seconds to look at the Guide at [pdf; 6.65M]

you'll see it's beautifully illustrated and invites you to explore every page.

More importantly, it provides plenty of ways to learn about the complex (and sometimes daunting) issues involved in eating, with tools for further individual or group exploration. Enjoy!

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