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Friday, January 25, 2008

My favorite Philocrites posts of 2007.

Just in case you're trying to mine this blog's archives for nomination fodder for the UU Blog Awards, you might be interested in my incredibly short list of favorite posts from 2007:

Uh oh, here come the Unitarians and Universalists: What to say to earnest UUs who complain that someone identifies a as "Unitarian" or "Universalist." (5.17.07)

Isaac Newton's anti-Trinitarianism in the news: In which I suggest that anti-Trinitarianism ("unitarianism") is a kind of doctrinal leftover in Unitarian Universalism that we cling to somewhat irrationally; with 36 comments. (7.29.07)

Gosh darnit, did the Globe forget Romney's Mormon?: In which the political press forgets to notice something important about Mitt Romney's culture. (8.19.07)

Romney's pluralism tolerates all conservative religions: What Romney really said in his faith speech in Texas. (12.9.07)

Next year's General Assembly brouhaha today!: With 23 comments. (12.16.07)

And, co-written with Christine Robinson of iMinister: General Assembly handout: Blogging for beginners: A primer we prepared for the G.A. workshop we led with Peter Bowden and ChaliceChick. Say, shouldn't there be an award for Best General Assembly Workshop on Blogging? ;) (6.24.07)

If you're bored and want to dig back into the golden age of Philocrites, back when I had more time to write, check out my favorite posts of 2004, 2005, and 2006.

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