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Monday, September 17, 2007

Unfinished weekend reading.

Articles I wanted to read this weekend but didn't (sometimes life interferes!):

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September 18, 2007 02:23 PM | Permalink for this comment

More on unbelievers! Jacques Berlinerbrau writes:

It's a great moment for atheist and agnostic Americans. Nonbelief is selling books. Nonbelief is giving the Faith and Values punditry a Fresh New Angle. Nonbelief is providing a symbolic and therapeutic refuge for Red-Staters escaping from abusive Fundamentalist homes. Nonbelief is generating buzz. Nonbelief is hot!

Yet all of this obscures a point of no small relevance: Nonbelief is in a state of complete political disrepair. It lacks everything from effective and recognizable leadership to grass roots infrastructure.

He also makes an important distinction between the millions of secularists who also happen to be believers — i.e., the religious people who are strong supporters of the separation of church and state — and the much smaller number of anti-religious secularists.

("The paradox of American nonbelief," Jacques Berlinerblau, On Faith 9.18.07; via Faith in Public Life)


September 20, 2007 10:29 AM | Permalink for this comment

I wrote a letter to the editor about the humanist chaplaincy at Harvard, basically saying that Epstein's claim that he's doing something really new is disingenuous at best, since UUs have been doing ministry with non-believers for almost 100 years (I think I said "decades").

I am so OVER the media froth at the atheist-believers false dichotomy, and so sick of reading simplistic articles about religious categories. Blech.

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