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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pacific Central District's $250 YouTube ad contest.

The August 13 edition of PCD Currents, the email newsletter of the UUA's Pacific Central District, includes two marketing notices you'll find interesting. Here's the first: an appeal for youth- and young adult-created YouTube ads promoting Unitarian Universalism:

The Viral Video Contest deadline has been extended to September 15. If you missed the basics, we are offering $250 for the best youth/young adult produced video, promoting UUism, and posted on YouTube. If I were trying this, I would think about something in pop culture to parody, putting a UU spin on it. Maybe something like the current series of Macintosh ads, with a casual and unpretentious young adult "Mac" talking with a tradition-bound "PC." Imagine those same two characters talking about finding their faith. Or, take one of the scripts from the radio ads we ran in the spring of 2006, and act them out with finger puppets. Write the first UU rap. For more inspiration, see the entry into the UU Ad contest with an imaginary prize, and take a look at some of the videos produced for the American Humanist Association.

Cilla Raughley, the district executive, explains how to submit your video for consideration: "To enter, post your video on YouTube, and send me the link to it, along with your contact information, congregation, and anything you'd like our judges to know about your entry."

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September 26, 2007 06:53 PM | Permalink for this comment

here's the winning ad:


September 26, 2007 09:04 PM | Permalink for this comment

Wait a sec, PCDUU: That's the professionally produced ad developed by the UUA and Pacific Central District for use on TV, not a youth- or young adult-produced amateur ad submitted for the $250 prize!

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