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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Turned away from a General Assembly event?

If you attended the UUA's General Assembly in Portland in June and had the misfortune of getting turned away from an overcrowded lecture or event, you have until Wednesday to request a free CD of that event. GA Planning Committee chair Beth McGregor writes:

You can purchase CDs and DVDs of GA programs anytime you like by visiting the UUA GA web page. But if you'd like to request complimentary ones for overcrowded programs that you weren't able to get into, or a refund of the cost of CDs of those programs you purchased at GA, your request needs to be in before July 26th. You can submit your request to the GA Planning Committee by mail (25 Beacon St., Boston MA 02108), fax (617-948-4651) or email. Please include the program number(s) and title(s), the circumstances of your request, and your name, address, telephone, and email address. If requesting a refund, please also include a receipt. Please, no more than one program per time slot, and no more than six altogether. We'll base our decisions on our program attendance records.

(Posted to the UUA-GA email list 7.20.07, with clarifications; sub req'd)

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