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Monday, June 18, 2007

This week at Practicing hospitality.

David Rynick offers a simple but transformative spiritual practice: Welcoming people to church.

Practicing hospitality is not something we can appoint people to do, nor is it a set of techniques or behaviors we "use" on new people. Rather, it is an individual work of intentional action, action that creates the quality of relationships in our churches that will nourish newcomers and longtime members alike.

This week's edition also features a fine art collage by Brandy Bergenstock that appears in the Summer UU World's "Reflections" section.

In the news, I introduce's General Assembly blog, which will be providing daily business updates from the UUA's General Assembly in Portland, Oregon, later this week. (Here's the blog.) Michelle Deakin reports that Blake Goud, a 26-year-old UU in Portland, is the executive director of a foundation that promotes "halal" investing — financial services that observe Islamic principles. And Sonja Cohen tracks another week of Unitarian Universalists in the media.

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