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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tithing, Meadville Lombard's plan, and better websites.

Worth reading on the UU blogs: LT says it's about time Unitarian Universalists started encouraging people to tithe — and recognizing people who tithe more than big donors. Scott Wells and Co. are not especially impressed by Meadville Lombard's "integrated enrollment plan." Mom to the Left says seeing "Jesus Camp" threw cold water on her identification as a UU Christian; PeaceBang responds.

Meanwhile, several bloggers have been dreaming of better tools for congregational websites. Dan Harper wants a team of open-source developers to build and support a customized platform for church websites. Anna Belle Leiserson (whose wonderful blog is entirely dedicated to excellence in church websites) wishes improved congregational website tools were one of the UUA's top programmatic priorities. And Left Coast Unitarian thinks a model technology plan for congregations would help congregations assess their tech needs much more effectively.

Just a fraction of the good, provocative content out on the interdependent Web this week. What else are you reading?

Update: I also meant to call your attention to Phil Lund's perfect response to a news story last week reporting that a Canadian congregation has banned bottled water and posted signs to that effect in its meeting space: "Canadian Unitarians to Enforce Visitor Repulsion Policy." Ouch.

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Anna Belle:

May 25, 2007 08:36 PM | Permalink for this comment

Thanks for the mention, Philocrites! As to what I'm reading, increasingly I tap into Christian blogs. There are a surprising number interested in technology and faith, and it's great fun getting to compare notes and share ideas.

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