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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy anniversary to me and Mrs P!

Mrs Philocrites and I were married three years ago today. I've never made a better decision in my life.

State House rally for marriage equalityAnd, since I can't help but notice that the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention is scheduled for today, I'd like to say that we proudly support our gay and lesbian friends who have married or look forward to marry. I hope my fellow citizens will oppose the proposed constitutional amendment that seeks to unmarry the neighbors.

Update 7.14.06: The legislature delayed the vote on the proposed amendment until just after the November elections.

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Congrats! May you continue to enjoy one another and have many, many celebrations to come!

Liz and I celebrated three years together the weekend of the GA. It is wonderful to have the support of straight friends who get just as excited about us planning weddings as they do for everyone else.

Chris T.:

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Congrats! Sue and I celebrated two years last month.


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The anti-discrimination folks are now on the State House side of Beacon Street, while the pro-discrimination folks are across from them -- with a big ol' "Jesus Is Lord" balloon floating above them and a plane flying around the Common with a banner saying "Marshall's Court Is a Disaster." The best sign on the anti-discrimination side says, "Romney's great-grandfather had five wives. I only want one!"

Bay Windows is blogging the Constitutional Convention and related rallies.


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I officiated at my youngest brother's wedding just a couple of years ago, right after the licenses were changed to allow for same gender marriage. All it took was to modify the language from husband and wife to something like spouse a and spouse b. What a simple and wonderful change.


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Congratulations! Ms ogre and I are closing in on 21 years, and I'd say the same thing; best decision I ever made.

I don't know if she'd say the same...

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