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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blog update: What to read, what to wear.

Good links for you: PeaceBang offers some very funny and much-needed fashion advice for ministers (and follows up with Makeup 101). Her post on one senior minister's extraordinary call to generosity, meanwhile, is a perfect example of a meaningful sacrifice rooted in UU beliefs — which, in Mark Oppenheimer's highly contested definition of religion, might make it a defining religious moment for the people who were there.

How one blog is changing my spiritual practice: For several weeks I have been praying for people I don't know, which, given an uncertain theology, I've generally found it easy not to do beyond sort of generalized prayer for people in need. The blog of a UU seminarian who learned that her infant daughter has kidney cancer has been riveting, unsettling, and deeply moving to read. I scan or dash through most blogs, but each morning when I read The Journey, I just sit there. And then I pray. And when I'm in church, I silently pray again for "Lizard Eater" and "Little Warrior" because I don't know their real names but my thoughts turn to them and their family. I feel an odd gratitude that she has been sharing this painful journey with the rest of us.

Finally, I've updated my guide to Unitarian Universalist blogs for the first time in almost four months. (Sorry!) More ministers especially have joined the throng. If you see things that need correcting or have a blog you'd like included, please let me know.

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Geralyn Horton:

March 29, 2006 01:18 PM | Permalink for this comment

Is a UU blog any blog belonging to a UU? I'm an old UU-- 3rd generation myself, with children and grandchildren who followed me through UU Sunday school and youth group. I'd heard Philocrates mentioned in my church, FUSN in Newton MA, but only ventured here today, using the link from the "Tapped" blog on Prospect. My own fledgling blog is at, which is a sort of personal journal that I am maintaining alongside my theatre-oriented web site I'm an actor/playwright/critic/political junkie with a history of activism stretching back to desegregating Kansas City restaurants with the Congress for Racial Equality in 1961 and marching against the Vietnam War at the U of Colorado in 1965. I'm currently nagging people to see/support the play I'm performing in with the Sugan theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts, "Talking To Terrorists".


March 29, 2006 07:47 PM | Permalink for this comment

Glad to meet you, Geralyn! I'm not attempting to create a directory of all UUs with blogs — only blogs that tend to address Unitarian Universalism directly at least every now and then.

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