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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Today's to-do list.

1. Vote. Soon.

'Why?,' you ask.

Michael Bérubé puts Kerry's support in historical context:

Aside from LBJ and FDR, no Democratic nominee for President has taken office with more than 51 percent of the popular vote since . . . when?

No, wrong.

Not even close!

C’mon, think back, think back, think hickory . . . yes, that’s right, it’s Andrew Jackson!

Unreal, no? But true. Clinton never cracked 51; neither did Carter, Kennedy, Truman, Wilson, or Cleveland, or of course Tilden, who didn’t take office for some reason. Pierce and Van Buren came close. To reprise:

Clinton 1996: 49.2
Clinton 1992: 42.9
Carter 1976: 50.1
Kennedy 1960: 49.7
Truman 1948: 49.7
Wilson 1916: 49.4
Wilson 1912: 41.9
Cleveland 1892: 46.1
Cleveland 1888: 48.8 (lost electoral vote)
Cleveland 1884: 48.5
Tilden 1876: 51.0 (lost electoral vote thanks to Katherine Harris)
Buchanan 1856: 45.3
Pierce 1852: 50.9
Polk 1844: 49.6
Van Buren 1836: 50.9
Jackson 1832: 55.0

The point should be clear: Kerry needs your vote, wherever you are. There are no safe states. Everything hinges on getting out every last damn vote in every last damn precinct in the land. We will take the Electoral College, folks, but we also need to do what no Democrat save for LBJ and FDR has done since the Democrats were the party of slavery.

Let’s get Kerry 51.5 or more.

Popular vote majority: it’s up to you!!

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