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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Marshall, Kos, and Wonkette: Stars!

New York Times Magazine 9.26.04Matthew Klam's very long profile of (liberal) political bloggers in tomorrow's New York Times Magazine is great fun. (It will be on-line tonight already!; I'm reading the dead-tree version.) In a series of extended profiles of the superstars of the blogosphere, we learn that Josh Marshall's clothes "wrinkled at a faster rate than other people's"; that Ana Marie Cox never has to pay for dinner; that spilling 7-Up on Jesse Taylor's laptop is the way to his heart; that Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos feels angst for making money blogging. But nothing in the story really surpasses the witty cover photo of the rotund Johnny Apple of the Times and Jack Germond of the Baltimore Sun reading over the tank-topped shoulders of Cox as she types on her laptop. Johnny Apple playing himself for laughs? How'd that happen?

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Michael Bérubé, of course, has the best response to the story: Fear and Laptops on the Genesis Project.

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