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Saturday, September 25, 2004

When even Unitarian Universalism is too religious.

Michael Kress writes for Slate about "secular spirituality" and the non-religious ritual leaders who perform weddings and other ceremonies for the "spiritual but not religious" crowd.

Much of the essay rings true for me: I've performed two weddings in Massachusetts for non-religious couples with a "one-day special designations" from the governor and another for an interfaith couple in Vermont with special permission from a judge. (The essay will probably ring true for many Unitarian Universalist ministers, who make a small but appreciable income from weddings for non-members of their churches.) I have also conducted ceremonies for friends in Utah whose wedding licenses were signed by others, and co-officiated one Unitarian Universalist church wedding. This is what happens when you earn an M.Div. but don't get ordained: Even though I'm what you might call more religious than spiritual, I end up performing spiritual but not religious weddings!

One quibble with Kress: The "unity candle" not only isn't Catholic; it seems most likely a "secular" ritual that is creeping into church weddings.

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