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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Woe is me! Whew!

Update 9.22.04: Thanks to Jay Allen and MacManX, I've fixed the spam blacklist and once again shut the gates on levitra peddlers and Texas hold-em barkers.

Original post: I've broken my spam blacklist . . .

I was trying to upgrade to v1.6.5. If anyone can help me figure out what this error means:

An error occurred: syntax error at extlib/jayallen/ line 771, near "or" Can't use global $_ in "my" at extlib/jayallen/ line 774, near "{$_" BEGIN not safe after errors—compilation aborted at extlib/jayallen/ line 1308. Compilation failed in require at mt-blacklist.cgi line 29

I'd be very grateful. I did upload the upgrade files using ASCII, and I did set the permissions to 755 as instructed. (I have only the vaguest idea what these things mean.) In the meantime, of course, a strange new variety of comment spam has started harassing me. Back to manually deleting the stuff. Argh.

Update 9.16.04: No luck after following all the troubleshooting tips. I've posted my problem here, where I hope to find some answers.

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