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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Ikea: Legos for adults.

I'm not officially on hiatus just yet: My last round of blogging was interrupted by a third Philocrites family trip to Ikea yesterday, where Mrs Philocrites and I have been acquiring new bedroom furniture. (We've spent four days traveling back and forth through Connecticut, where, I should tangentially report, we have seen only one Bush/Cheney 04 bumper sticker.) I'm spending part of our vacation assembling all sorts of things Swedish. If Ikea would simply print its instruction booklets in color, one might conclude that Ikea really is Lego for adults, because I felt like I was reverting to childhood and setting out on a great weekend of Lego-building when I put together the Leksvik six-drawer chest. All the pieces! The orderliness of it all!

(One cautionary note to anyone else assembling the six-drawer chest: It is almost impossible to complete Step 24 after doing Steps 17 through 20. You don't really need to anchor the chest to the wall while building it, so skip Step 21 and attach the anchor to the inside of the chest before putting the back of the dresser on. Trust me.)

And now, the rest of my pre-hiatus blogging . . .

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