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Monday, August 16, 2004

Preparing for a hiatus.

Ah, summer vacation! The Philocritai are enjoying a break, and I've decided to take advantage of my real-world vacation — and a crashed iBook — by taking a little blogging sabbatical. After a flurry of posts to come very shortly, I'm going to sign off for about two weeks. I'll clear spam out of the comments from time to time, but otherwise I'm going to see what life is like without feeling like I ought to be adding something new. (I've been blogging away since the start of 2002, so I think a break is in order.)

With a crashed iBook and only one other modestly capable computer in the house, I've discovered an even more portable way to blog. (Neo-luddites: This is your moment to cheer. It's also the moment when I reveal that I actually do most of my newspaper and magazine reading using actual woodpulp publications. Which makes me a retrograde blogger. Well, that and my AOL dialup account.) While Mrs Philocrites was working this morning on various Sunday School-related writing projects, I went through my weekend reading with paper and pencil and wrote out my blog entries long-hand. There are a lot, partly to atone for my relative silence the last few weeks, partly out of guilt for leaving without a last hurrah, and partly because it turns out I'm much more productive when I'm not typing! Hmm . . .

A final thought: While I'm off-line for the next two weeks, please feel welcome to carry on conversations with each other in the comments. I'm going to (try to) be disciplined about not chiming in myself, but don't let that stop you from sharing good news, bad news, great ideas, and questions.

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August 17, 2004 09:53 AM | Permalink for this comment

Here's an idea I've seen on Making Light for encouraging reader-generated content via the comments: an open thread. She gives some little, [very] obscure snippet to set people going, but you don't even need that.

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