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Thursday, July 29, 2004

DNC religion watch.

The Boston Globe's Michael Paulson and Michael Levenson write a front-page story about Democratic efforts to close the so-called "God gap": "Party Refuses to Cede the Religious Vote." So far, so good! And Paulson also profiles the Rev. John B. Ardis, the Paulist priest who was originally scheduled to deliver the invocation at the Convention, but who will instead give the benediction tonight. He says neither party follows Catholic teaching:

"Neither party holds to a consistent ethic of life," Ardis said. "The bishops and the Holy Father have been outspoken about the war and about the death penalty, and yet my sense is that there will be people that will be invoking God's name at the Republican National Convention in another month."

("Debate Won't Keep Priest from Stage," Michael Paulson, Boston Globe 7.29.04)

Update: Thanks to Jesus Politics, here's a Religion News Service article about the higher profile religiously committed Democrats are seeking this year. Kudos to Dave Wilson, of my home town, for putting it so succinctly:

"They think they're the only ones that believe in God," said Dave Wilson, a delegate from Orem, Utah, of Republicans.

Wilson, a Mormon, said Democrats tend to see religion as a private matter that should impact a person's actions, but not necessarily be worn on a politician's sleeve. "You don't have to advertise that you're religious, by your actions you prove it," he said.

("Democrats Tread Carefully on Both Sides of the 'God Gap,'" Holly Lebowitz Rossi [RNS], Ethics Daily 7.29.04)

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