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Saturday, May 15, 2004

'Joan of Arcadia.'

Mrs Philocrites and I have become big fans of the CBS girl-meets-God-in-disguise drama "Joan of Arcadia," but last night's episode really went off the deep end in the last minute or two with a fantasy sequence about the sculptor Rodin. We have probably seen only a third of the episodes this season — I can't seem to make the VCR programming feature work, and we do sometimes have a life on Friday evenings! — but from what we've seen, it's the most intriguing drama and the most theologically interesting show on television.

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I love the show, too, arguably the most theologically interesting ever on American TV. Makes "Touched by an Angel" look positively fundamentalist.

Roger Kuhrt:

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Chris: never miss Joan of A. For those who like to pursue divinity via images you may want to check out a project of the Institute of Noetic Sciences which attempts to create a group of folks receiving videos monthly which have spiritual themes. For about $23/mo you get one feature length film and some shorter films that could only be seen in cities where they hold serious film festivals. To explore further go to:

Or find it off the prime site for IONS. Go to:

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