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Sunday, May 2, 2004

Introducing Coffee Hour.

You've been there before: It's the bazaar next door to the sanctuary, the place all the Unitarian Universalists go after a Sunday morning service to grab a cup of fairly-traded coffee, find a friend, navigate around the card tables strewn with social-action petitions, groan about (or praise!) the choir, amend the sermon, buy a book, look for brunch partners, or lurk hoping to overhear something really interesting. The walls of the parish hall are covered with bulletins and posters for this or that committee; the brochure rack invites you to "Meet the Unitarian Universalists" and hear the voices of UU theists, humanists, Christians, feminists, and on and on. It's a lively place — so lively, in fact, that although ministers might not want to admit it, some people in the congregation show up only for Coffee Hour.

Surely you're thinking: What a great model for a group blog! Thanks to My Irony's Chutney, a group of us UU bloggers have been talking for the last month about ways to expand and enrich the on-line conversation about Unitarian Universalism, liberal religion, and the UUA. Today we're debuting Coffee Hour, an interactive group blog.

Each month — maybe more frequently, if the conversation really takes off — one of the bloggers will announce a new discussion topic. Respond on your blog, or chime in at Coffee Hour. (The current buzz this month is Hit the Jackpot, by Prophet Motive's Tom Schade.) What if you don't have much to say on the discussion topic? Start your own discussion in Talkback, take the poll, or suggest a topic for a future discussion. Or wander off to one of the UU blogs and discussion forums listed on the front page. Whether you have your own blog or just want a place to talk with other UUs, we hope Coffee Hour becomes a part of your week.

If you have questions about the site, start with our frequently asked questions. Still wondering? Leave a comment here or e-mail Coffee Hour Feedback.

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James Glines:

September 13, 2005 01:52 PM | Permalink for this comment

I am just a seeker of the truth, no matter how awful it really is. I feel it's important to know facts, so I can base my decisions on truth/facts that will affect my life on sound judgement.

I feel the answer may lie in the question itself, or may be answered by another question.

I hope to use this site for studies and topics in my fellowship, the UU Fellowship of Belton in Morgan's Point, TX.

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