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Sunday, May 2, 2004

Traffic report.

Thanks to new links in April from Barking at the Moon (Watts Martin's "grumblings from the coyote's den"), Jesus Politics (thanks to a mutual introduction by Michael of Public Domain Progress), ArchPundit, and newly-discovered Unitarian Universalist bloggers The Edge (by Erik Walker Wikstrom, a UU minister with another blog, too) and Wondrheart's Medical Adventures (on her way, amazingly enough, to a heart/lung transplant).

Three new links bring me particular delight: Philocrites is now listed under the Humanities index at SciencePort, and two Mormon blogs have added Philocrites to their rolls — the exceptional Times and Seasons (where liberal and conservative Mormons including a bevy of top-notch Mormon scholars blog together) and Dave's Mormon Inquiry. As a post-Mormon myself, I see Mormon blogs serving a function that even magazines like Dialogue and Sunstone never quite seemed able to do: they have set up bridges across Mormonism's ideological chasms and given younger intellectual Mormons a way to engage the larger world of ideas. I would have given quite a lot for such a community when I was an Ezra Taft Benson scholar at BYU in 1989. Instead, I left BYU and ended up a Unitarian Universalist! (No regrets, folks.)

Philocrites welcomed 4,062 unique visitors in April — part of my very slow-but-steady growth strategy! (Maybe if I had chimed in on the "can liberals be religious / can religious people be liberal" hysteria earlier in the month . . .) As it is, the number of unique visitors in April was only 141 more than in January. There's delicious irony in the two highest-ranking names-as-search phrases for the month, though: Hutton Gibson and Doubting Thomas.

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May 6, 2004 03:28 AM | Permalink for this comment

Philocrites, thanks for the link. I have actually attended the UU congregation in my neighborhood a couple of times. The sermon really cleans up compared to the local ward fare, but they do this holding hands and singing thing at the end that I just can't handle.

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