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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Unitarian Universalists run for TV President.

What a convergence of Philocrites' interests! The cable network Showtime is developing American Candidate, a reality show in which really ambitious everyday citizens run for president. So far, six nine Unitarian Universalists are among the contestants:

  • Jocelyn Benson, Wellstone Democrat, Cambridge, Mass. — "Seeking a newer world of equality, community, and diversity"
  • William Devoe, Polk-McCain Democrat (!) and software project manager, Arvada, Colo. — "Commitment to make America work for ALL Americans"
  • Adam Doverspike, Wilsonian Republican and economic researcher, Washington, D.C. — "People solve problems, government makes them"
  • Jeff Graham, Jeffersonian Independent, AIDS activist, Atlanta, Ga. — "Real change for real people"
  • Felix Lloyd, conservative African American business-owner, St. Louis, Mo. — "The minority sector is increasingly sophisticated"
  • Rick Osbourne, "Joe Lunchbucket Party," writer, Lombard, Ill. — "Let's democratize American capitalism and finally live up to our billing"
  • Dwayne Schultz, Natural Law partisan and artist, Colorado Springs, Colo. — "Impossible dreams can come true"
  • Jeff Seward, Bill Bradley Democrat, professor, Portland, Ore. — "Before we can really change our policies, we first have to reform our politics"
  • Christopher Sullivan, Hillary Clinton Independent, motivational speaker, Newburgh, N.Y. — "We are the culture of the world"
  • Noel Sutter, "Kuchinich" Independent, business owner, Portsmouth, N.H. — "America has a soft Revolution"

The contestants are blogging and trying to attract supporters. I'm very rarely inclined to vote for a Unitarian Universalist, not that I often have the chance, but this seems like a fun time to see if a UU can generate some political spark.

What I'd really love to do, though, is invite you to speculate on the varieties of political ideology among Unitarian Universalists. There's the college town NPR Democrats, the birkenstock 'n' batik Greens, the geeky Ayn Rand Libertarians, and the bourgeois moderates (Aren't you wearing Gap khakis this very moment? —Ed. Why, yes, I suppose I am), and . . . You fill in the rest.

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