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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Traffic report.

March saw 3,931 unique visitors and just over 9,000 visits to Philocrites, with an average 290 visits per day. Where would we have been in March without Hutton Gibson and his rabid fulminations? His full name brought 260 visits; his first name brought another 285. Nothing else came even remotely close. Thanks, Mel: The rising bloody tide of your movie sure lifted my boat!

Special thanks this month for new links from Andrew Bayer Is Dreaming of China (who offers good commentary on the Massachusetts same-sex marriage debate), Rachel Is Dreaming of Spring (I see a pattern!), SlackTide ("Stillness and transition; ambiguous uncertainty; adaptability"), The Third Avenue ("Beyond the stale and unrepresentative Left vs. Right debate, and into what really matters for most Americans," by a fellow Utah Democrat transplanted to Beacon Hill), Peregrinatio (by Lancaster Theological Seminary professor Timothy L. Van Meter), and brand-spankin'-new Phil's Little Blog on the Prairie (by the Lifespan Program Director of the UUA's Prairie Star District, Phil Lund).

These posts attracted the most interest this month:

  1. Hutton Gibson smackdown! (2.22.04)

  2. Guide to UU blogs (1.3.04)

  3. Please come to our church! — a look at the United Church of Christ's new TV ads (3.16.04)

  4. Sixteen fastest growing churches — in the UUA, that is (1.3.04)

  5. Unitarian Universalism: In search of a definition (11.16.03)

  6. Questions the UUA Principles don't answer (2.6.04)

  7. Episcopal diocese affirms same-sex marriage (3.13.04)

  8. Competing theologies in Boston — the scene outside the Massachusetts gay-marriage constitutional convention (3.11.04)

  9. Swedenborgian mobster? — it's true! (3.14.04)

  10. Better than the 'Interdependent Web'? — what shall we call the Unitarian Universalist blogosphere? (3.23.04)

  11. Subtitling the Gospel — Paula Fredriksen vs. Mel Gibson (7.26.03)

  12. 'Quartet for the End of Time' (3.16.04)

[This post was retroactively added to the March archive on April 3.]

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