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Monday, February 16, 2004

Progressive Protestant: No dupe!

Chris Tessone writes:

The Nation has asked Ralph Nader not to run for President again. The reaction is rather typical. I especially love how the “Kerry is Bush lite” meme is already starting up. That was the meme that duped me into voting for Ralph in 2000, and I bet it works wonders on yet another generation of gullible college freshmen this time around to get Nader his usual 1% spoiler vote.

But Chris is redeeming himself this year in Wisconsin (so to speak), volunteering with the John Edwards campaign. While he is away from his blog, the fine Progressive Protestant, a regular commenter has been elevated to the post of guest blogger — and Kenneth Vendler has some great things to say about the meaning of progressive Protestantism. (Mrs Philocrites and I refer to point 3 as "evangelical liberalism" — the gospel's work of human liberation.)

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