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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Related program activities.

A considerable clue to the president's approach to governing: Instead of finding nuclear weapons or an active nuclear weapons program or biological weapons or an active bioweapons program in Iraq, Bush claims to have found evidence of "weapons of mass destruction related program activities". Ah.

The president takes the same approach to domestic policies, proudly pointing to "related program activities" in lieu of actual programs. Nick Confessore writes:

Bush proposes to increase aid for community colleges and job training by some unspecified amount, even though over the last three years, he's requested some $1 billion worth of cuts in vocational education and community colleges. He says he wants to give young workers the opportunity to build a nest egg, even though, under his own Social Security privatization plan, benefits for today's young workers would have to be substantially reduced by the time they retire. He proposes "larger Pell Grants for students who prepare for college with demanding courses in high school," even as his own Department of Education is busy rejiggering Pell eligibility to eliminate 84,000 students from the program and cutting back loans for another 1.5 million. The president claimed that "the tax relief you passed is working," even though his "jobs and growth package" has utterly failed to produce the nearly two million jobs his administration promised it would, and even though his former Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill, believes that last quarter's GDP growth was unrelated to the tax cuts.

For related program activities like these, I say we remove him from office. The charade is getting really old.

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