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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Meet the new Falwells.

The Right Christians — daily reading for me — profiles the leaders of the Christian Right in the U.S. today. Forget Pat Robertson and Gary Bauer; Allen says that Albert Mohler, Roberta Combs, Tony Perkins, and Fr. John McCloskey are the people to keep an eye on.

One of them, Roberta Combs, was interviewed last week in the New York Times Magazine. Combs hypocritically believes that women ought to be content staying at home — although, of course, she doesn't mean to include herself:

Would you like to see American products like television shows flourish in Baghdad as well?

Oh, no. I hope they don't show ''The Osbournes'' over there. The Osbournes are definitely not a typical American family. Their language is so offensive. Shows like that wouldn't exist if mothers stayed home with their kids and supervised what they watched.

But you yourself are a working mother. Do you think you could have been happy as a full-time housewife?

Probably not. Probably it would not have been enough for me. I always had a desire to make a difference. That is why I love the legislative process, where you can make a difference. One voice and one vote can make all the difference in the world.

Whoa! So which is it?

("A New Moral Majority," interview by Deborah Solomon, New York Times Magazine 11.16.03)

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