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Friday, October 3, 2003

Betook her own theology.

What happens when you fill your quiver with verses from the Old and New Testaments and head off to do battle with the modernist-New Age cabal at the Unitarian Universalist "church"? Quoth the brave reporter:

I betook myself to see the end of the road of the Christian church's trolling for love . . . The preacher was a young lesbian, the sermon an enthusiastic report on the feminist "Omega conference" she'd attended. Its highlights seemed to be the invoking of the Nigerian goddess Oya and a wave across the room from Jane Fonda. Buddha and Alice Walker were given an appreciative nod, but the name "Jesus" (I was paying attention) was absent.

The writer, astride her high horse, shoots sharp little arrows of scripture and "methinks" herself into a fine frenzy. The other World magazine puts the fun back in fundamentalism! ("'Build Your Own Theology': A look at what happens when a church drifts away from God's love," Andree Seu, World 10.11.03)

Update 10.14.05: It only took two years for the famously "self-correcting blogosphere" to correct itself, but I stand corrected: Andree Seu is in fact a woman. This post had erroneously used male pronouns for her, but I've now corrected the mistake.

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boy in the bands:

October 3, 2003 11:05 PM | Permalink for this comment

I wouldn't be so hard on the author, Philo. He hasn't said much that I've not heard by Unitarian and Universalist Christians about how thin garden-variety Unitarian Universalist worship can be. The author knows what he believes. If that UU church believed what middle-of-the-road UUs claim to hold, there wouldn't be the self-conscious Jesus-avoidance that we've all come to know and either love or hate. (Not that anything said in a UU church, even mine, about Jesus would have pleased that author, but that goes to facts not in evidence.)

The only real error I found was in identifying the church in Philadelphia with the Unitarians. Restoration is from the Universalist side.

the Foolish Sage:

October 14, 2005 10:13 AM | Permalink for this comment

Guess what? Andree (a friend of mine)happens to be...a woman. You all assumed she was a man. See how your own presuppositions can get you off course? ;-)

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