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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Product placement.

Where does Wesley Clark fit into the current line of Democratic candidates? Joan Vennochi reviews the packaging of his nine opponents:

[Howard] Dean is the antiwar, finger-waggling ex-governor of a tiny, nondiverse state. [John] Kerry is the Vietnam veteran and Massachusetts liberal who wants to be defined only as a Vietnam veteran. Richard Gephardt wants to be the candidate of jobs and labor but is mostly a captive of the congressional establishment and a very stiff head of hair. Senator Joseph Lieberman is a remnant of Al Gore's failed effort to prove he could be exciting by picking the first Jewish candidate for vice president. John Edwards has dimples and a Southern accent. Florida Senator Bob Graham has a Southern accent. Al Sharpton is black and humorous in more ways than one. Carol Moseley Braun is a black woman and former rising star, since crashed. Dennis Kucinich is a true believer whose beliefs are far too left to be nationally palatable.

("Is Clark the 'package' Democrats seek?" Joan Vennochi. Boston Globe 9.18.03)

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