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Tuesday, September 16, 2003


I'm too busy at the moment to comment as I'd like on several significant articles — but you should feel more than welcome to comment on any of the following:

First: "God Help the Democrats" by John H. Bunzel (Los Angeles Times 9.14.03, reg req'd); moderate Democrat and fellow unbeliever Calpundit expands the argument and, as always, hosts a lively followup conversation.

Second: "Cheney link of 9/11, Iraq challenged" (Boston Globe front page, 9.16.03). Media critic Dan Kennedy comments, "It's a rare day indeed when the media call the White House on one of its mind-boggling lies." Yesterday's Washington Post also jumped on Dick Cheney's prevarications, although it doesn't do it explicitly until paragraph 16. Joshua Micah Marshall, however, blasts away.

Third: "Dizzying Dive to Red Ink Poses Stark Choice for Washington" by David Firestone (New York Times 9.14.03, reg req'd); "Show U.S. the Money" by Steven Mufson (Washington Post 9.14.03); and especially "The Tax-Cut Con" by Paul Krugman (New York Times Magazine 9.14.03, reg req'd). There's a lot of blog commentary out there already, but Matthew Yglesias thinks the American public — who are "the most fiscally-irresponsible people on earth" — may not care to wake up from their dogmatic slumber before a financial collapse. (Kevin Drum interviews Krugman at Calpundit.)

And, finally, Gen. Wesley Clark will enter the presidential race tomorrow. Josh Marshall reflects on his chances here and here.

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