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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

On message.

UUA President Bill Sinkford disputes the Fort Worth Star-Telegram article Monday that reported his goal of "adding God" to the Unitarian Universalist Association's Principles. The closest thing to a transcript of the sermon he gave in Fort Worth is this column, from the upcoming issue of UU World, to which the UUA is referring people concerned about the article. In Sinkford's letter this afternoon, he wrote:

Let me be very clear: I spoke of the need to periodically revisit — that is, to read and reflect upon — our foundational language. I did not call for the Principles to be rewritten. I spoke of the need for individuals to consider supplementing the language of the Principles with religious language in describing their own faith. I did not call for the inclusion of the word "God" in either the Principles or in anyone's individual descriptions of their personal faith.

So an interview with a reporter in Fort Worth, Texas, wasn't the ideal way to start the dialogue, but a conversation has just been launched about what kind of religious presence Unitarian Universalists want in our society. Let's have at it!

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