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Friday, March 14, 2003

Neither gung-ho nor antiwar.

Interviews with liberals and human rights advocates who aren't delighted by Bush's war plan — but who won't join the antiwar movement, either. Fence-sitters? Or voices of reason? You decide.

Kennedy School dean Joseph Nye — a Unitarian Universalist — is among them. He's quoted in the Times piece — but his op-ed in the Washington Post today cuts to the heart of the matter:

The regime has a history of aggression that has already been condemned by the Security Council. It has used weapons of mass destruction. It has been a state sponsor of terrorism. It lacks a pluralistic political system that allows internal restraints. A war would meet the standard of a just cause. Moreover, the military means we would use can discriminate between combatants and noncombatants, and there is a reasonable prospect of success. So far, the missing criterion is a broad coalition of allies. Without it, Iraq could be a case of the right war at the wrong time.

Nye also outlines how the United Nations could and should broaden the criteria for justified intervention. Read it.

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