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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The back door.

Like me, you may visit your favorite Web sites every few days to see what's new. (Okay, if you're really like me, you want to know what's new from Talking Points Memo, Matt Yglesias, and Slate a couple of times every day. But you are more disciplined than I am.) Google and other search engines, however, bring people in through the back door, pointing them directly to old stuff that lurks deep inside a Web site. I've been intrigued to see what people are finding here at Philocrites when they arrive via Google rather than through this page.

Most popular essay: Unitarianism and early American interest in Hinduism, although February was a banner month for my essay on Max Weber's secularization thesis. (Ouch. For them, I mean. It was painful for me to write it, but I have fully recovered.)

Most popular sermon: God's lovers, a reflection on the ever-popular Song of Songs — although it's really about the power of metaphors.

And — not every Web page can boast such a category! — most popular hymn: O my restless heart, written for a friend's ordination. (I think her new congregants were googling her.)

Whether you arrived through the front door or came in on a search-engine quest, welcome! I hope you find something interesting.

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