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Monday, May 19, 2003

A vocabulary of reverence.

The UUA has set up a discussion forum about Saturday's New York Times article and President Bill Sinkford's efforts to get "Unitarian Universalists to reclaim a 'vocabulary of reverence.'"

The closest I've come to addressing this question is a bit of a hedge, I'm afraid, since my essay "Authority in the spirit" focuses on a liberal doctrine of the church rather than any doctrine about ultimate reality. (Plus, it's long!) But you might also find something of value in a series of comments I made in a discussion last summer of John Hayward's book Through the Rose Window: Art, Myth, and the Religious Imagination. Click here, here, here, and here for my thoughts on whether Unitarian Universalism is a "new religion" and what its "revelation" might be.

My own vocabulary of reverence, meanwhile, pops up from time to time in hymn writing. (Talk about niche blogging!)

Faster Plastic! Whoa, the conversation is already lively at Plastic. Favorite post here.

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