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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Perfect pitch.

What does Unitarian Universalism need? More people like Matthew Gatheringwater, whose blog — like the excellent "UU Books" e-mail group he has facilitated for the past few years — conveys the two things I love most about liberal religion: its simultaneous embrace of faith and criticism. He's a voracious reader of the literature of our tradition, and is constantly reintroducing forgotten classics, but he is no antiquarian. He wants to find the contemporary analogs, the compelling modern versions, the words that connect with our experiences today. But the style of his criticism appeals to me most: He asks hard questions about his own assumptions — and about the assumptions (and idols) that seem pervasive in Unitarian Universalism today — but he does so in a truly liberal, modest, and humane way.

Please welcome him to the UU blogosphere. (And if you have a blog that discusses liberal religion, Unitarian Universalism, and civic life, drop me a line!)

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