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Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Pat on the back.

The horror: "David Lewis, layman from Manchester, Vt., made the allegations in a series of emails Sunday night with Vermont Bishop Tom Ely. Ely then had a 45-minute conversation with Lewis, who is a member of the conservative Zion Episcopal Church in Manchester Center, Vt., in which Lewis said the contact from Robinson was to his bicep, shoulder and upper back." Plus: Find out what "surprises" the conservatives were really planning.

And shouldn't we all come up with a new "six degrees of separation" game? Turns out the conservatives were shocked — shocked! — that it only took six links to get from an Episcopal church Web site to a site offering pornography. Holy Google, Batman! Earth to Ft. Worth: Your children figured this out a long time ago. If they want nasty pictures, they'll find them a lot faster than six links. Makes you wonder, though: Which of my links could lead you down the primrose path the fastest?

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