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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The real issue.

The Christian Century candidly acknowledges what lurks behind all the fuss over homosexuality in the church:

One of the unresolved issues made glaringly obvious by Robinson's election is the need for clarity on the church's teaching on sexual activity outside marriage. In confirming Robinson, who lives with his male partner of 13 years, the church implicitly endorsed sexual activity outside marriage. Is the next logical step an endorsement of marriage for gays, in order to conform to the church's longstanding teaching that sexual activity is reserved for marriage? Or is a "committed" gay relationship an alternative to marriage? In that case, how are such relationships to be defined and recognized by the church? The meaning and practice of "blessing" same-sex unions, which the convention left as a local option, cannot be an afterthought to such discussion. ("Episcopal decision" [editorial], Christian Century 8.23.03: 5)

But since sex outside of marriage touches so many more lives than homosexuality — for why else would Evangelicals be promoting "re-virginization"? — many in the church have found it easier to fight over the sex lives of sexual minorities. That's unjust as well as dishonest.

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