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Thursday, September 4, 2003

Take some Pheduprin.

Enough with the metrosexuals and rejuveniles! Kieran Healy makes up even better pseudo-sociological trends — like the beautilitarians!

But the New Yorker's back page this week, introducing a pharmacopia of drugs from some wittier parallel universe (sorry, not on-line, at least in this universe), really cracks me up. If you've had too much Platitudium Bromide or Soporifiquil, try some Pseudointellectuol or Pedanticort. (They go well together.) Funniest pair: Confusadril and Cucumberdil.

Meanwhile, Butterflies and Wheels offers a dictionary of academic new-speak, helpful in decoding all graduate seminars.

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Blogcritics posts the full list of New Yorker pseudopharmaceuticals here. Enjoy!

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